Homes For Sale

List of Town Homes and Coach Homes currently on the market with links to realtor sales sites:

Town Homes:

There are 3 Town Home units on the market at this time.

Ashwood: 37 Great Heron Lane (Closed January 2019)

Beechwood: 11 Great Heron Lane

Driftwood: 16 Great Heron Lane

Driftwood: 30 Great Heron Lane

Coach Homes: (All units Handicap Accessible*)

There are two Coach Home units for sale at this time:

Arcadia: 222 Stillwater Circle

Arcadia: 332 Stillwater Circle

Chatham: 211 Stillwater Circle (Closed August 2019)

* Thoughtfully designed with no stairs, no thresholds, wide doors and more, such as, large elevator for moving furniture. Each unit comes with at least one underground parking space and storage cage.

Updated: November 2019