Resident Testimonials

Newbury Village Resident Testimonials

Dear Dennis,

Deciding to sell a house we lived in for 30 years can be a difficult decision to make. Even harder is to decide where we wanted to live next and what kind of a house did we want it to be.

We decided that we wanted to stay in the Danbury area, which included Brookfield. We also decided that we wanted to downsize to a new, over 55 condominium environment.

We spent a considerable amount of time looking at most of them in the area. Our hands down choice was “Newbury Village.” Although not completed yet, we had some large reservations about that but soon realized it was an advantage because we had a larger selection and choice of available units and locations to choose from.

We made our choice, but timing is everything, selling our home and available move-in dates don’t necessarily match. The Newbury Village people were very sensitive to our needs in that regard by making the move-in date as close as possible to when we had to move out of our old home, which we appreciated very much!

We however expected under these circumstances there would be some unfinished items but were presently surprised to find very few minor items that were taken care of right away!

It’s hard to believe we have lived here for just over a year now. When all of our guests and visitors come in the front door, we get a big “Wow”! The design is so elegant, the workmanship so well done, and it has been proven to be a very efficient house to live in and the neighbors are great!

Donald and Irma N.

Dear Dennis,

We never imagined that townhouses with this level of quality existed, never mind that we could own one! Spacious and affordable, a great floor plan and a great location.

Steve and Barbara H.

Dear Dennis,

I have closed many properties in my 15 years in Real Estate. This closing has been outstanding. I commend you, Steve and staff for doing well what you promised to do.

I will do my best to sell you every chance I get.

Once again, Thanks!

Bob B.

Dear Dennis,

Newbury Village provided us the unique opportunity to maintain our permanent residence in Brookfield without compromising the amenities of or having to downsize from the style of home that we were used to. With the chores of maintaining a single-family gone, we are now able to spend more time with social activities, and especially enjoying them with the many new friendly neighbors in our age group seeking the same pleasurable time in their new lives at Newbury Village.

Lou and Carol Z.

Dear Dennis,

Every morning when I wake up I say “Thank you God!” I love my home! I’ve had many houses in my life time and can’t say I’ve ever felt the same way about any of them. Even the ones I built myself. Charter Group is the best!

Ann Z.

Dear Dennis and Marty,

Excellent workmanship! In addition to location, attention to detail was an important consideration for us before we moved to Newbury Village from Westchester County. Dennis and Marty stand behind their construction and are a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend a visit to Newbury – you won’t be disappointed.

Noel and Debbie D.

Dennis and Marty,

I do want to take this opportunity to thank your entire staff for their wonderful display of patience, fortitude and diligence during the construction process relevant to our new townhouse at Newbury Village.  You were consistently most accommodating and responded to our concerns and questions accurately and most expeditiously.  Our interactions with you were always very positive and most cordial and you constantly demonstrated sensitivity and dedication to our best interests.

Thank you all for being the best at what you do and for building our spectacular new home.

Bill and Mary P.